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Thursday evening, a brutal terror attack in Elad shocked the world. Two terrorists tore through the street with an axe & a knife, brutally wounding many. Two of the lives who were lost in those terrifying moments were Boaz Gol, and Yonatan Chabakuk.


Between Boaz & Yonatan there are 10 orphaned children who will never see their fathers again. They will be tortured forever by the thoughts of their final moments, so violent and brutal. 


They not only lost the fathers that will hold them and kiss them and walk to their chuppahs - they also lost all the security they had.


These two fathers were the providers for families that lived simply. Without them, there is no income. Not only are the families overwhelmed by grief, now they don’t even know how they will pay the rent. 


It is times like these that they need the tzibbur, to step up and claim these lost children.


Limor Chabakuk, Yonatan a”h’s wife, has the following message for readers: 


"Yonatan was the only breadwinner in the house … I ask you please give us a shoulder at this difficult time, that we can get through it in peace, I worry about how I can raise my children alone"


If your heart breaks for these families, if you cannot imagine losing your father or your husband in such a brutal way, if you want them to be able to afford their groceries and other essentials as they grieve this horrific loss - PLEASE HELP HERE.


Tizku l’mitzvos


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